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Perry Hall Animal Hospital

Dental Health Packages

Dog getting his teeth examined

Includes everything to safely anthesis your pet for scaling and polishing.

All Dental Packages Include:

Comprehensive Blood Work

A comprehensive blood panel and urinalysis are run prior to your pet’s procedure to ensure all organ systems are running as they should and that it is safe for your pet to undergo anesthesia. This is the same reason people are required to have pre-surgical lab work performed.

IV Catheter, Fluids, and Comprehensive Anesthesia Monitoring

Any procedure that requires gas anesthesia requires an intravenous (IV) catheter to ensure the fastest and most exact delivery of drugs and medications into the body system. Fluids help to hydrate your pet both before and after the surgery and help to flush the drugs and anesthesia out of the body system. All of our sedation and anesthetic procedures are closely monitored for heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, breathing rate, O2, and CO2, using monitoring equipment and a trained anesthetic technician. This is the safest standard of care for any living creature undergoing anesthesia and we want the best for your pets and your peace of mind.

Full Mouth Radiograph

The mouth of your pet is like an iceberg - we can’t see what lies beneath and there can be fractures or disease below the gum line. Full mouth radiographs can only be done under sedation and anesthesia. These images produced by these radiographs will give our dental team the information needed to fully assess your pet’s dental health and identify any potential problems early.

Tooth Scaling and Polishing

Our trained dental technicians use a hand and water-cooled ultrasonic scaler to remove plaque and calculus buildup from the teeth and then polish them up to protect the tooth surface. The gums are cleaned thoroughly to remove plaque above and “below” the gum line.

Antibiotic Injection, Medications and Follow-Up Visit (If Needed)

All medications necessary (pain meds, and or antibiotics) will be included and a dental recheck visit is included for the doctor to assess the mouth after dental surgery. If the doctor determines your pet needs additional medication, these are included. We want to ensure your pets feel great after their dental procedures, so a follow-up visit is included if any additional concerns need to be addressed.

PHAH Love and Attention During Their Stay With Us

At Perry Hall Animal Hospital we make sure that every patient is treated as part of our family.