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Perry Hall Animal Hospital

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About Us

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Experts In Compassionate Veterinary Care

Perry Hall Animal Hospital has been providing comprehensive, quality care for the dogs and cats of Baltimore since 1971. Throughout the years, we have expanded and modernized our facility to reflect our commitment in providing the best veterinary care possible. We are continuing this daily tradition of excellence in veterinary medicine by keeping up to date with the best medical practices and ensuring our clients and their pets have access to affordable treatment and wellness plans.

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At Perry Hall Animal Hospital, our objective is to teach and provide routine preventative care for clients and their pets. We emphasize the importance of annual visits, vaccinations, and diagnostic tests to aid in the maintenance of health and early detection of disease. Our friendly, professional staff will strive to keep your pets happy and healthy throughout their lifetime, providing you with the knowledge and guidance that you need to keep your pet healthy and happy.

We serve cats and dogs.

Perry Hall's certificate for Low-Stress Handling Facility

Certified Low Stress Handling Facility

The team at Perry Hall Animal Hospital is proud to be certified in Low-Stress Handling as of October 2021! All of our doctors, veterinary technicians, assistants, and most of our support staff completed the training which focuses on creating a low-stress and comfortable environment for pets. Our team actively works to reduce anxiety in our patients by practicing methods of approaching, handling, and treating patients in a way that considers mental wellbeing in addition to the physical. Our core value of treating the whole pet means we won't push forward with treatment or procedures if we feel doing so will cause harm. You can be sure that how your pet is treated when out of your sight is with the utmost care and compassion - it matters deeply to us. Visit the Our Team page to check out all of the staff that have earned their certification, and learn more about Low Stress Handling by visiting

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