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COVID-19 Guidelines

To All of Our Valued PHAHmily Members,

As a community, we are all facing personal and professional challenges due to COVID-19. Now, more than ever, we want to assure you that OUR HOSPITAL IS OPEN and remains an essential service. Our doctors and staff will continue to provide care for your pets, and we would like to take this opportunity to share with you the steps, changes and recommendations we are taking to ensure the safety of all.

As of May 8th, 2020, we are now providing ALL TYPES OF VETERINARY SERVICES including general wellness visits, all vaccines and elective surgeries and procedures. We are no longer limited to providing essential services only.

This guidance is intended to minimize the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the veterinary setting, keep people at home, and in situations when leaving home is necessary, to ensure a strict adherence to all health guidelines, including those from the CDC regarding social distancing and limiting gatherings to 10 people or fewer.

Reduced Hours and Curbside Service

We have temporarily reduced some of our Saturday hours, as well as some of our late evening hours, in response to the stay at home and safe distancing orders. All other days and hours remain as normal, however please follow our Facebook page, or call our hospital if you need to drop in for any medication or food pick-ups to ensure we are open at that time. It is our hope that we can continue or normal operating hours on most days.

  • We are now offering ONLY curbside service and drop off appointments. This means that we are restricting clients from entering our building, and therefore practicing the CDC recommended safe distancing to avoid close personal contact in our lobby and small exam rooms.

  • Your pet will receive the same medical services as normal, and you will receive the same client service and communication, just via phone call from your car, as you wait there instead of inside the exam room and lobby.

  • Our staff members will usher your pet to and from your car so that you do not need to get out. Clients needing medication and food pick-ups can call ahead and we will deliver it to your car.

  • Payments are still due at time of service. A staff member will call you while your pet is in the building, to obtain your credit card information over the phone. Once your pet’s services have been completed, a technician will return your pet and bring you your receipt. If any other form of payment is desired, we will facilitate that as needed while you wait in your car.

  • Have an appointment scheduled already? Check below for our curbside rules and regulations to keep everyone safe and happy!

COVID-19 Appointment Guidelines

at Perry Hall Animal Hospital

We ask that you please strictly adhere to our current appointment protocols that are in place for the safety of your pets and our staff.

  1. When you arrive for your appointment, please call or text us on our designated patient check-in line at 410-816-5506 with the number of the orange cone you are parked in front of, your pet’s full name and the best phone number to reach you. Please be patient as there may be some other clients calling in at the same time and we will be sure to attend to you and your pet within 5 minutes of your arrival.

  2. Have your cell phone available and ready to accept calls from “unknown” numbers, as we must use our personal phones at times due to high call volumes and social distancing within the hospital.

  3. Please have a MASK ON when a staff member approaches your vehicle!!!

  4. Please have ALL CATS IN A CARRIER.

  5. REMAIN in your vehicle at all times unless instructed by a staff member to exit in order to help with your pet. Our staff have been trained and are very good at opening car doors for your pets safely!

  6. For everyone’s safety and proper disinfecting protocols, we will be using one of our leashes to bring your dog into the building. A staff member will put the leash on your dog.

  7. DO NOT LEAVE OUR PARKING LOT or YOUR PARKING SPACE once your pet is taken inside. PLEASE ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN WE CALL from inside the building. If you are dropping your pet off for an extended procedure, you must fill out the necessary paperwork for any drop-off appointment.

Pets and COVID

COVID-19, Your Pets, and High Risk Patients

We want to continually update you on any new information concerning COVID-19 transmission and validated insights, especially as it relates to and changes how we handle our beloved patients.

In the past week, the tiger that tested COVID-19 positive at the Bronx Zoo may have made you question the safety of your pets, from you as a human that can transit COVID-19 to them, and they as a possible transmitter of COVID-19 to you. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

The current answer from many reputable sources is still NO. However, remember this is a new virus, and the rules can change at any time.

Animals have not been found to transmit this virus to humans. They can, as we have said before, carry the virus between people. However, there is preliminary research being conducted on whether cats can become infected and transmit this virus to other animals, but any final conclusions are still pending validation.

In response to these developments, and practicing with an abundance of caution until it is made clear we can relax our restrictions, we are updating our safety precautions.

We are identifying HIGH RISK PATIENTS as they present an ELEVATED RISK TO HUMAN HEALTH:



If your pet falls into the HIGH RISK PATIENT Category:

  1. We will use Telemedicine services if possible, for examination and treatment.

  2. If Telemedicine is not advised and a hospital visit is needed, our staff will handle all high-risk patients in full PPE gear, utilizing a designated isolation area of our hospital.

Links for Additional Information: